Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions

31/12/2010, the very last day of the year. Tomorrow will be another new day and another new year. I guess everyone is busy to review their resolutions for this year which had set at the beginning of 2010 whether been achieved or not. If not, come again in 2011 and start it all over again~

My 2010 review:
1. Graduated as Banking and Finance holder (MMU)
2. First class honor for my CGPA
3. Visited Singapore for my graduation trip
4. 10/10/10 my status from unemployed to employed (MBB)
5. Explored myself in KL and working life

Here come my resolutions for the year 2011. The theme for the year 2011 is about TIME! (If you all still remembered, my 2010 theme is about Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills).

2011 Resolutions:
1. Time Management
2. People Oriented than Task Oriented
3. First Mover, not Follower
4. Creative, Innovative, and Brilliant Ideas
5. Improve on attitude, writing and communication skills in 3 main languages

Time is Life. Do not waste more times, as it goes, and we didn't fully utilized the time, ends up we're just nothing! Be flexible on everything!

A nice quote taken from Michael Altsule - " The Bad News is Time Flies, The Good News is You're the Pilot!"

Happy New Year 2011 peoples~~~~!!!!

AFF Cup Champion!

MALAYSIA team had made it! We had won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. We beat Indonesia with the aggregate score of 4-2. Once again, I would like to congratulate the Malaysia players for playing so well in the final match. I'm so delighted with the result!

A group of us had decided to Putrajaya big screen to give a full support to our Malaysia team. The place was crowded with peoples that carry a same mission, is to see the Malaysia bring the throphy back. The environment was just like in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil where we can hear the shout, drum and trumpet all around. The best moment was when Safee Sali had scored the opening goal and the peoples were shouted for "GOAL!!!!!"..

If given 3 choices to pick the player of the match, I will go for Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (GK), S. Kunalan (MID) and Safee Sali (ST) besides the coach, K.Rajagobal. Their performance were on top during the match with Indonesia. Fahmi had did a great job by saved many shots on target balls + 1 penalty. Kunalan had created many chances to the team as he took the wing position and Safee (the top goal scorer) had a great finishing in both (first leg and second leg) match! Awesome~~

PM had rewarded the national team and all Malaysian citizen a public holiday on Friday 31/12/2010 due to their great sucess in the AFF Suzuki Cup!

Below are the photos:

Monday, December 27, 2010


Finally, I can online!! Guess what? I just bought new laptop for myself. DELL XPS 14 is the model that I choosed this time. I switched the service to DELL after had tried the service of Acer (my first laptop) for the past 5 years. Hopefully this one won't make me feel regret and disappointed =). It's cost me RM2,999 and the mode of payment is 12 months installment with 0 interest(where the only way I afford).

Hmm... Just 2 days before the decision of buying new laptop, I had bought the perfume for myself. It's BURBERRY BRIT. Actually I had hunting for perfume long time ago, just can't really decide on what brand suit me the most. But, at last I had found this brand quite suit me. So, decided to give it a try. At that time, they having promotion and I can get a set of perfume (Perfume + shave cream + shower gel) for only RM300.

This 2 items already boost up my expenses. But, buying these things just to reward ourself from daily hard work. So, I think it shouldn't be a matter as long as we know the limit of spending. Spend rationally and wisely wouldn't give much impact on us. Problems will only occur when we start to spend without proper planning.

Today is the first leg of Piala Suzuki Final match between Malaysia and Indonesia which held in Stadium Bukit Jalil. My friends and I went to the MBB Cafe to watch and give support to our national team. In fact, the national team did not disappoint us and the whole Malaysia supporters, where Malaysia won Indonesia 3-0.. A great game from Malaysia and I'm truly satisfied with their performance. Second leg will be held this Wednesday in Stadium Bung Karno, Indonesia. Malaysia is already 50% to win the title, just need to defend for the last 90 minutes to grab the trophy back to Malaysia!!~~

After watching the football match, we headed to OldTown for a drinks. It's seems like our culture to have a little gathering on Sunday(first day of meeting after most of us will going back home in weekends). It was a nice session where all of us make fun and jokes + laugh loudly. Happy to hang out with u guyz~.. "Kaki Buat Kecoh"..Haha!

It's time to sleep... tomorrow another new day and new week... Looking forward~~!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to School (MA)

Don't ever think the phrase 'back to school' is specifically for students only. It's also apply to my current life. 'Back to school' for me means back to my training center in Bangi to resume my courses for 2 weeks.

This is basically a life of a newbie, a.k.a. trainee like me.. I believed every job that we did must undergo a training for a certain period of time. The main purpose is to train and to understand more deeper about the company business organization, culture and most importantly, what the company is doing.. So, training is much important!

When my training starts, it seems like my blog also have to be in 'inactive mode'.. I not mean that I'm busy with training and no time for updating my blog, just that I do not have my own laptop to access to internet~ [Hopefully I could solve this problem immediately =)]..

Not going to write long story here.. It's already 1.50am and I need to take a rest now.. 8.30am have to be at airport and the flight depart at 10am..


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Those Days....

Non-stop raining and it rains heavily. The weather is so cold and make me feel lazy and just want to be at home. Initially, I plan to invite some friends for having 'yamchar' session this evening, but the weather make me 'put the plan aside'..

While at home doing nothing, suddenly I'm thinking back the past. 'The Past' that I mean is during my University lifetime. Frankly, I miss the University time. There're so many sweet and sour time happened for the past 4 years. The moment of "Laugh together, Mad together, Sigh together" were really unforgettable. Here are some of the moments that're still fresh in my mind until today:

(a) Having revision with Wei Bing for Statistic subject until 2.30am

(b) Stanley will be the last to report in group before we start our group journey to class

(c) Night time lepak with Jaslynn, Siew San, Steffi, Chui Woon, Wei Bing, Alex, Stanley and Kok Kin besides the Ixora Swimming Pool

(d) Yifa and De Kai sending me to Pantai Hospital for suspected dengue

(e) All group leader discussing outside Mr. Halim room to decide who'll be the event director (All in blured and kan chiong face)

(f) Discussion and meeting for the event (especially basement of Ixora Apartment)

(g) Indah assisted me in producing video and many more for our event project

(h) Huey Lian be our driver for Friday Pasar Malam (Malim) and outing during weekends

(i) Stanly who contributed me the most for my birthday (5)

(j) Johnson Lim help me out when I'm in blurring moment & accompany me whole day for choosing the present for her.

(k) Kim Thor sacrified his sleep hours just to listen to my story

(l) Group to Genting and Group to Singapore

There're more sweet memories and if I continue to list, I wont be able to finish list it. Although there're some I miss out, it doesn't mean I forget. All the 4 years memories will store forever and ever in my life...

Friday, December 3, 2010


DORMANT - the only word that I could use to describe my current blog. It's been around 3 months I didn't blog since the last post. Sorry to those who're waiting for my updated post and I couldn't update the blog as regular as before because I do not have laptop with me during my work time. So, I will just update the blog when I have the chances to do so.

After struggling for quite a period of time for finding job, finally I managed to get a job. Thanks to Malayan Banking Berhad (MBB) for offered me a job title 'Credit Analyst' under Graduate Credit Trainee (GCT) program. I joined the program since 11 October 2010. The program started with 4 months training (Classroom + Attachment) and then will be posted to business centre / branch after the training period.

The overall program up to now is okay, just that the flow of the program is somewhat troublesome. I have to travel here and there for the past 1 and half month, even hard for me to find a place to stay during my branch attachment. It's okay when this flow apply to local, but how about outstation people like me? Carrying the whole bag move here and there. Oh gosh!

For the classroom training, I would appreciate those materials provided to me as I think it's quite useful to give a brief explanation about the entire courses. Not only that, the overall trainers assigned were full of experienced. So, they can shared their experienced and knowledge while explaninig to us. MBB Medan Tuanku was the branch for my 1st attachment. All of the staffs are very nice and friendly. Sometimes, they're funny too... I had learned a lot of new things during the 3 weeks attachment and I'm appreciated those staffs who really taught and guided me throughout the period.

Now I'm having my 2nd training (Business Centre training) in Kuala Terengganu BC. One week had past, left 2 more weeks for me to 'learn' at there... (Hopefully I manage to learn something new for the coming 2 weeks). Up to now, I could say the training in BC is kinda boring. The quiet environment and everybody's busy with their stuffs make me feel 'empty' with the training. It's like doing nothing! I really wish that I could 'lend them my hand' and at the same time, I'll be given chances to practice some on the job tasks. If not, I cant imagine how my day will be for the next 2 weeks. Pray hard to GOD.

My Classmates and I with one of the trainer (Suzie Lim):

That's all for now.. Till the next updates...... =) Have a nice day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

GRADUATED Banking & Finance 2010!!!


02.08.2010, a date to remember in my life where I'm officially declared as a degree holder of Banking & Finance in Multimedia University.

Wake up at 5am in the morning to prepare myself for my convocation ceremony which held in MMU Cyberjaya Campus. My family and I depart from Sunway to Cyberjaya and the duration is only 18 minutes. We reached Cyberjaya at 6.20am.. Oh My God, I'm one of the early birds among graduates.. Haha~ Just because want to get nearer parking lot.. =)

After the final smart card verification, I noticed that the Cyberjaya campus became crowded and crowded as time passed. I met many of my friends from different majoring in that early morning. Around 7.10am, the working committee arranged us for the gathered room, as the parents were move to their seats prepared by the committee in the grand hall. After 15 minutes, the graduates had to line up and ready to enter the grand hall to start the convocation ceremony.

The ceremony starts right after the arrival of our respective Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali. The ceremony of giving away the scroll by the Tun Chancellor began with the Accounting students, followed by Banking & Finance and the rest. I'm number 203 graduates who received the scroll from Tun Chancellor. I'm proud to receive the scroll from Chancellor herself.

The scroll giving ceremony ended after 4 hours. It's the time for Permata Dunia before we leave the hall. For those who don't know what Permata Dunia is, it is the official song for our MMU. While the song played, my tears dropped. Don't ask me why.. Perhaps I'm too happy with my self-achievement and at the same time hold a name of Graduated Banking & Finance student! The students stand beside me looking at me wiping my tears away.. Lolz!

When I'm out from the hall, the first thing is to find my family members~ It's a MUST.. I received flowers from my family and we took few family photos. Again, my tears nearly dropped once I looked at my family members, especially both my parents. Without your continuous support and encouragement, I couldn't made it this time.. Thanks dad and mom.. Proud to be your eldest son! Not forgotten my naughty brother.

After the session with my family, the time is surely for my lecturers and friends. I took quite many photos with my lecturers and friends during the time. But sadly, not all the friends I can took with. Some of the friends could be labeled as "missing" because the campus was too big and crowded with peoples. It's common when it come to lost. Unfortunately, the cell phone could not be used at the moment. So, I just took photos with friends that I met. For those friends who I failed to met, so sorry for that and hope we can meet again!

Importantly, I had took photos with my 3 bros' and 1 sis' (My lecturers) namely Mr. Effandi (My Lecturer since my foundation studies until the very last moment of my FYP supervisor), Mr. Tan (My Lecturer for Management, Statistic and Research Methodology), Mr. Ng (My Lecturer for International Finance) and Ms. Ong (My tutor for quite a number of subject).. To all my lecturers, thanks for teaching and guiding me all the time in my university life. Your contribution is much appreciated. I wouldn't have today without you.. =)

After taking photos for some time, it's time to say goodbye to all my lecturers and friends. I had to rush back my hometown right after the convocation ceremony. So, I only have limited time to spend with my friends for photo session. I returned back my robe at 1.20pm and leaved Cyberjaya at 1.30pm... At that time, I just realised that I haven't took my breakfast and lunch.. I'm so excited and happy until I had forgotten I haven't took a single meal.. That time I was extremely hungry..

To all my friends: Congratulations upon your graduation!! Good luck and all d best in your future undertaking.. Take good care and keep in touch.. Let's frame our sweet and sour memories together.. Friendship forever!!

Below are some photos taken during the day:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Happy Chiak Ba Zhang~ Lol..

Genting Trip

18/05/2010 ~ 20/05/2010 ...
A date to remember..
A Genting Trip with my coursemates...
9 peoples in the trip..

An enjoyable trip..
9 peoples are pattern kaki..
Non-stop pattern..
Color up the journey of trip..
Nice and Fun..

Most of the time..
Could be said spending in the casino..
All are trying their luck..
Including me for sure..
But sadly,
Labeled myself as DONOR again..

This time..
No outdoor..
Someone was disappointed..
Make the promise but didn't keep the promise..
It's not a problem for me..

Miss the weather of Genting..
Hope for another Genting Trip...
I want the cold air..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Activities Continues.....

The progress of updating my blog about the story of my activities after my studies continues.. After the outing with the KS Group, my next plan was outing with my FYP Supervisor, Mr. Fendy. This outing could be labeled as small group outing because it consists of 4 peoples, including Mr. Fendy.

We went for a movie in the afternoon and continues with the Sing K session at night (17-05-2010). The movie that we watched was a Chinese movie and it was kinda boring. I still managed to hear a "sleepy sound" from the behind row. I'm not really remember about the movie title.

The Sing K session was awesome. We at first had chosen few Malay song and sing together. I noticed that Stanly was not so good in singing Malay song, maybe he very rare to "put his ear" on Malay song. But for Kim Thor and I, it should not be a problem to us.. During the singing session, I realized that Mr. Fendy has little talent in singing.. His singing skill, not bad! I was enjoying the Alleycats' and Peterpans' song during that night.. After that, we mixed around with the Chinese and English song..

The session ends around 11.40pm and all of us headed back home..