Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions

31/12/2010, the very last day of the year. Tomorrow will be another new day and another new year. I guess everyone is busy to review their resolutions for this year which had set at the beginning of 2010 whether been achieved or not. If not, come again in 2011 and start it all over again~

My 2010 review:
1. Graduated as Banking and Finance holder (MMU)
2. First class honor for my CGPA
3. Visited Singapore for my graduation trip
4. 10/10/10 my status from unemployed to employed (MBB)
5. Explored myself in KL and working life

Here come my resolutions for the year 2011. The theme for the year 2011 is about TIME! (If you all still remembered, my 2010 theme is about Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills).

2011 Resolutions:
1. Time Management
2. People Oriented than Task Oriented
3. First Mover, not Follower
4. Creative, Innovative, and Brilliant Ideas
5. Improve on attitude, writing and communication skills in 3 main languages

Time is Life. Do not waste more times, as it goes, and we didn't fully utilized the time, ends up we're just nothing! Be flexible on everything!

A nice quote taken from Michael Altsule - " The Bad News is Time Flies, The Good News is You're the Pilot!"

Happy New Year 2011 peoples~~~~!!!!

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